#teamobama!  (at home)
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#teamobama! (at home)


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Sep 11

I started this day watching mr. Obama blowing my mind with his DNA Acceptance speech - as posted below. 

And then I went on with my day. Crashed in the blue chair at home, finishing up the second book in the Fifty Shade trilogy (yes, I’m a slave to the books), and then I checked my instagram - another addiction of mine (just like yours). 

And it occurred to me - this day, is a day of celebration, remembering and a day to look down memory lane. 

11 years ago evil shock the world. It reminded a nation of values, beliefs, love and sorrow, and reminded us, that death can be sudden, unfair and terribly horrible. 

Today, that day, made me realize - I seem to forget the things that matter the most. And I had to take a reality check; where am I, where is my family, where are my friends, and how do I actually do?

It seems selfish that 9/11 will make you think about yourself, but in a sense, it’s a great raincheck. Because it makes you wonder if you cherish the beliefs you’ve grown up around, and it makes you think about the people who matter, and the people who are no longer in your (my) life. 

And those thoughts make me thankful. Thankful for the greatest of friends, the greatest of family and the greatest of love I have, surrounding myself. 

But the thoughts also make me sad. The people I’ve lost, the people I’ve treated unfairly and the people I no longer am in contact with. 

Most of all, the thoughts makes me angry. Angry that belief can crash, burn, destroy, brainwash, manipulate, humiliate and scare people. 

11 years after, the world is no longer fighting a battle about weapons and oil. In my eyes, we’re fighting beliefs. And that fight is a tough one, and a never-ending one. 

So this blogpost - which probably seem very messy to you - which I understand - is dedicated to the people lost in belief, to the people caught up in belief, to the people who are helpless in belief, and to people bound to belief. I hope, with all my heart, you see light, love and a way out. 

May no one than yourself, bless yourself. May no one than yourself, force you to believe. May no one than yourself tell you what’s wrong and what’s right. 

Sep 11
Sep 11

In complete awe!!!!

Aug 24

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I really just don’t know where to start. 

Because my thoughts are all over the place - and I’m trying to put each one on their right shelf. 

Within the last couple of months, I’ve figured out that nothing has turned out how I planned it. There’s no circumstance in my life I could’ve predicted. And it’s painful to realize - that some of the circumstances I’ve put myself in - could have turned out differently if I had taken the right responsibility for it / them.

And now - I’m at my breaking point. My whole life has turned upside down - and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to hide the tears, the frustration, the irritation and the laziness. I’ve been trying to hide - trying to drown my worries with coffee and Backgammon - and now, it’s time to stand up, and be a grown up. Fess up to the real world, get stuff out of the way, and start a new chapter - where I take control and responsibility.

And exactly those two words - they scare me. Because they’re a part of growing up - and thats a process I cannot fathom I’m in - it’s overwhelming and scary, and it’s a process I’ve never been in. And it’s a process I’ll never grow out of. Cause I’m a grown up. 

And i’m trying to figure out how to navigate thru that - without forgetting myself. 

So help me. 

Fingers crossed - this will be my S T A R T I N G P O I N T!!

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Sweet, intelligent danish music!

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This needs to be played LOUD!!


[everest] !!! [frank] i know pup, i know.

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[everest] !!!
[frank] i know pup, i know.


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